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International practical training school for insertion of absorbable or
permanent medical lifting threads for aesthetic physicians, surgeons and dermatologists

ITLS, International Thread Lifting School

offers to physicians practical training courses immediately applicable on their patients, directly derived from 10 years of world experience about aesthetic meshing threads and serrated lifting threads for face and body.


- Lifting threads, with cogs or cones
- Meshing and redensification threads, smooth, spiraled or notched


  • Face: eyebrows, opening eyes ("doe eye", "almond eye", etc.), cheekbones, cheeks, oval, neck…
  • Body: breasts, belly, thighs, buttocks, …
Les moyens des formations d'ITLS
  • Power Points,
  • videos
  • and mostly threads insertions by trainees on patients / models.
Programme des formations d'ITLS
  • Choice of threads: resorbable or permanent? On which criteria do you choose? What types of notches? Where to find threads?
  • Basic actions, safe implantation zones, prevention and management of side effects…

Complementary techniques & Advices

  • Complementary techniques to magnify the efficiency of the threads: fillers (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite), botulinum toxin, radiofrequency, mesotherapy, micro-needling, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), carboxytherapy, medical blepharoplasty.

  • Advice for developing your aesthetic business : through threads: economic considerations, useful investments, legal rules, precautions, marketing.


Several types of practical training, in France or abroad:
Formation ITLS en groupe

Workshop or masterclass

1 to 2 day
workshop or masterclass in one of our centers
Formation VIP

Personal VIP training

- At the medical office of one of our trainers,
- At your office in your country on your patients,
- Remotely by phone or Skype or WhatsApp *
Visioconference & webinar



* Personal VIP training: medical training provided by a doctor who answers your questions. Personalized tele-teaching according to your needs. Hour, or half-day, or evening, or day.

Our referring trainer doctors

Training for individuals or groups
Docteur DUBOIS, aesthetic practitionner
Dr. Didier DUBOIS MD Aesthetic practitionner, MedicalCert International certified Trainer, Président of ITLS, coordinator, France
Dr. François STRAWCZINSKI MD Aesthetic practitionner, Vice-president of ITLS, coordinator, Belgium.
Dr Jacques-André DAVID
Dr. Jacques-André DAVID
Plastic Surgeon, France
Dr Yanan TIAN
Dr. Yanan TIAN MD  France / China
Dr. Ahmet ATALIK
Dr. Ahmet ATALIK MDTurkey
Dr. Alexander TURKEVYCH
Dr. Alexander TURKEVYCH MD PH, assoc. Prof in dermatology, Ukraine
Dr Hussam SAYED
Dr. Hussam SAYED Consultant Plastic Surgeon Egypt 

The Thread School is also a team of 7 assistants to help you in different languages.

ITLS en Français ITLS in English spain china russia arab portugal

Some places where our trainers have already given training courses: :

In France:Paris, Angers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Arcachon, etc.

Abroad:Spain, Morocco, Uzbékistan, Korea, Monaco, Algeria, Switzerland, Iran, Latvia, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Belgium, China.


You are interested by our training courses?

For group in seminar, Individual VIP training in a medical office or webinar videoconference Contact us!